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We pride ourselves on making your wedding unforgettable. we offer a range of different packages to suit you’re needs.


Covering everything from Faithless to joe Dolan, from Madonna to Meatloaf, from mc hammer to Queen. You will not see a more diverse set executed with tremendous energy and the ability to adjust to any scenario. 


We play both nationally and internationally so no matter where you are you can have an Electric Circus Wedding!


It is our objective every night to have dancefloor, get people singing and create a concert like experience for you guests. 

We also offer the option of a 1,2 or 3 piece brass section, to give your wedding an even bigger band feel!!!


We know how important it is to set the mood for the day with great music. Whether it’s a civil ceremony or religious, our Acoustic Circus Duo have it all covered. You have complete control over what music is played, ensuring the songs that mean the most to you are part of your day. Solo options available as male vocal & acoustic guitar or instrumental piano.




Add a touch of class to your pre-dinner celebrations, with the Electric Jazz Duo. The piano and double bass combo, create an elegant atmosphere as your guests get acquainted.


















As your guests get acquainted, we can provide the perfect background music. Playing hits from all eras and open to requests from your guests.


To keep the Party going after the band, we offer our dj service. From the last note of the band the dj set will start seamlessly, playing hits from every era. 



Opting for our dj service 

  • ensures great music 

  • No separate area needed or gear to be set up as both band & dj use the same PA system 

  • No gap between band & dj to keep dance floor momentum

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